Millennials Love Direct Mail

Millennials Love Direct Mail

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With an app for everything under the sun, the last thing you’d probably think a millennial would enjoy doing is checking their actual mailbox. But Printing News wrote an article recently suggesting the exact opposite. According to the research, millennials are the number one demographic for actually looking at and taking action on direct mail pieces. Perhaps the techy generation …

Do Promotional Products Work

Do Promotional Products Work?

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We all love getting free stuff. But as a business owner or marketer you’d probably think twice at the idea of giving away free stuff. I’m here to tell you that handing out promotional products is an excellent way to increase your reach and brand awareness. Many people probably write off (pun intended) promotional products as an effective form of …

Setting Bleeds in InDesign

Setting Bleed in Adobe InDesign Video

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Bleeds are a topic I’ve discussed before and they continue to be one of the most often forgotten steps in creating a print-ready file. Many new graphic designers, or designers that don’t typically design for print, seem to either not know what bleeds are and why they are important or they are aware their files should have bleed, but don’t …

Designing For Print - Vector vs Raster

Designing For Print: Part Two – Vector vs. Raster

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This is part two of our Designing For Print series. In our first installment we discussed Bleeds. This month we will discuss the difference between Vector and Raster graphics and when to use them both. A raster graphic is an image file that is made up of thousands (or millions) tiny squares of color information called pixels or dots. These …

Design for Print - Bleeds

Designing For Print: Part One – Bleeds

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We have had several requests for tips on how to set up files for print. Although we touched on a few in an earlier post, we thought it would be helpful to go into a little more detail. So this is the first of a multi-part series of blogs dedicated to Designing For Print. The thing we seem to receive …

Every Door Direct

Every Door Direct Mail

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You’ve probably seen the commercials from the USPS for Every Door Direct Mail and wondered to yourself “What the heck is that?” or “Really, the post office is advertising?” or “Isn’t this program DVR’d, why aren’t I fast forwarding?” Well, if you are part of the first group, then look no further for an explanation. Every Door Direct Mail is …

Vehicle Graphics

Four Reasons For Vehicle Graphics

njbauer917 Vehicle Graphics

Let’s talk about vehicle graphics and why you should be utilizing them to market your company. When I say “Vehicle Graphic” I’m talking about anything from a magnet you apply to your tailgate to a full wrap where the entire vehicle is covered in graphics. Either way, it’s time you started thinking of your company vehicle as a mobile billboard …

File Preparation Tips for Commercial Printing

File Preparation Tips For Commercial Printing

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Here at Hightower Graphics we will help you with all of your printing needs from conception to delivery. Our designers (hey, that’s me!) will work with you to create anything you want from business cards to banners. Many of you will have your own files designed and ready to send to us, and that’s ok too. Here are a few …